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A Circus Birthday Bash Worthy Of The Big Top

A Circus Birthday Bash Worthy of the Big Top

If you want a very happy child, considering throwing a birthday party worthy of the big top. A circus theme for a birthday party is convinced to thrill and excite your little one and guests alike. Be sure to make the event one worthy of its title though and keep the action lively and moving throughout the event so that little minds with short attention spans do not have an opportunity to move on to more mischievous pursuits.

The virgin thing that is an absolute must for a circus theme is a big top. This may run a little high on the decoration dime but can be done quite nicely without booking a huge back yard shroud a tent. In actuality, you can create a tent in your very own living room if you are so inclined to do so. Helium can be rented quite inexpensively and you can create the illusion of a tent top by filling the ceiling with brightly colored balloons and streamers to match. In supplement to this you can have the entrance of the room made to look like tent flaps. Push all the furniture along the wall and allow the little ones to seat themselves on the floor along the " center ring " where all the action will serve.

Now, you really should make an effort to have some sort of entertainment for the kiddos with an event of this nature. It can be a clown act, magic show, or smartly someone making balloon animals for the birthday boy or girl and his or her guests. Face painting is another great activity to include on your list of events and shows and a lot of fun for the little ones. Be sure to include several great games ( ring toss, pin the nose on the clown, and corn hole are great games worthy of a circus theme ) besides a career activity or two in the tall so that the little ones do not sit idly very long. It is always a first-rate idea to keep them occupied further having fun.

The big top provides some excellent dining delights that carry over quite well into the birthday party theme. Hot dogs are an wonderful lunch for a relief filled with excited little ones. Candied apples, popcorn, again peanuts are also a great and fun postscript to birthday party food that work hearty with the circus theme. Be sure to enlist serious extortion for the clean up when all is said and done.

Goody bags can be a lot of fun for this particular event by using popcorn bags for the bag and filling them shield circus animals, bubbles, glow bracelets, circus themed stickers, and other nifty little items. Oriental trading and normal party stores might prove to be an excellent resource for goody bag gifts. Don't cold-shoulder to teem with a photo frame with a photo of each child with his or her face painted or balloon animal as a keepsake.

The foremost thing to remember when planning a party worthy of the big top moniker is that the most important commodity is that everyone has a good time. Don't sweat the small details so much that you aren't able to enjoy the event. Other great ideas to make this an even bigger event include things such as renting a moon walk for kids to jump and play in, renting a cotton candy maker, and having a authentic popcorn popper rather than relying on microwave popcorn. There's something about the scent that just makes it feel like a circus.

Another shape you need to do when planning a big top or circus themed birthday party is plan for contingencies, such as rain if the party was to be held outside. The spectacle must go on whether undoubted is push or whether the sun is crystal brightly so be sure to have a back up plans in case things go awry.


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