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Over The Hill Birthday Party Ideas

Over the Hill Birthday Party Ideas

While there are many people who treat the 40th and 50th birthday as a time to mourn there are others who elect to use this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate. Life goes on and there is no better way to celebrate that fact than with friends again family. An " Over the Hill " birthday should be unequaled that brings together both in a roaring fashion. Hopefully some of the ideas below will stir up your wheels turning for a grand plan for your own over the hill birthday celebration or that of someone you love.

My favorite notion for a great Over the Hill birthday party bash is a roast. You see them on television all the era. They are irreverent and quite hilarious. This only works if you have the type of friends and family to pull this off and not be indignant by the things being said but can be a ton of fun with the right audience. Own a great meal and allow all the guests, who are interested at any rate, to get upgrowth also deliver their 'toast' to the guest of honor. If you want a night of laughs this is definitely the way to celebrate your viability and the friends you have ( at smallest those that you had yesterday anyway ).

You could do an AFI sort of theme in which you have films or slides representation of various events throughout the guest of honor's life. This is a great way to pay tribute to someone that has meant a great deal to you when planning a birthday bash to be remembered. Have a red carpet sort of theme besides allow guests to pay sincere tribute to the birthday girl or boy by extolling their virtues. This is another great celebration that is a lot more sentimental in nature than a roast but along the same commodities when it comes to decoration and noddy planning.

For another funny over the hill birthday party idea look to the past. If your birthday girl or boy is a relic you can give the party an Old West or Gold Rush theme. A party such as this can be a great deal of fun to plan and even fresh fun to attend. Set up a Wild West saloon and have everyone come dressed for occasion. This is a great photo op for most and if you platform things well the theme can be one that will go down in memory by every guest, especially, the guest of honor. Be sure to keep the drinks flowing and make the diet portable ( finger food is almost always a good plan for adult birthday parties unless they touch plenty of space for sitting down to dine ).

Of course there is the standard Grim Reaper type of over the hill birthday party. There are things of tramp you can do to fashion your party stand out from intact the rest but that will require a creative spark and knowledge of the guest of honor to deed off well. Use what you retain to work with in order to create the perfect celebration of life or passing over in the new century. Of course if you are truly brave you can make it an out of this world maturity and go with the black but give the party a supernatural theme. The sky is the limit when celebrating milestone birthdays and nothing is too outrageous depending on the character of the guest of honor. Just remember that over the hill doesn't mean not long for this world and life, at all stages, should be notorious and sublime.

A great over the hill party can be had for the cost of very careful planning and a great group of friends and family in order to help pull things off. If you are lost for inspiration hopefully the ideas mentioned above will help at least bound you in the right direction if not solve your party planning woes.


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