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The Margaritaville Birthday Theme Party

The Margaritaville Birthday Theme Party

For pirates of all ages, shapes, and sizes there is little better than a Jimmy Buffett themed birthday party for fun and play. Much more than worthy music Jimmy Buffett has created a lifestyle all his own through his air and with the enthusiastic support of his fans. His music isn't limited to one genre and doesn't appeal to matchless specific culture, instead the appeal is nearly limitless, which makes this a great theme for a birthday party that is open to an audience of all ages though a firm favorite for celebrating the big 4 - 0 as the result of " A Pirate Looks at 40. "

To pull off an excellent Margaritaville party blenders and ice are a must. The attached thing you duty to worry about is food. Some great food ideas for a Margaritaville themed party would be boiled shrimp, build your own cheeseburgers' ( in paradise of circuit ), complimentary finger foods and fixings, and a little bit of sponge cake and / or fruitcake characteristic wouldn't hurt things at all. They would just so work wonders to the Jimmy Buffett approved theme of the party. If you are in serious need of inspiration for menu ideas check out the menu at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Café.

If you are in the fly climate and the weather is cooperative a patio or backyard party is of course the way to go. Cloak lock up tikki lights, shark fins, flowers, coconuts, and any other tropical themes that capture your attention and imagination. Be sure to put grass skirts on the tables you set up with the fabulous foods, and city a nice tikki bar for serving the required margaritas. You can further choose to serve non - alcoholic margaritas to the little ones if there will be children in attendance and have them available for adults that are driving or achieve not wish to partake. Hold fun with the food and keep it appropriate for a tropical or Jimmy Buffett theme.

Music is a must for this particular birthday party theme. You simply can't recreate Margaritaville without the sounds of the town blaring out across your speakers. You do not commitment to limit the melody of the evening to Jimmy Buffett though he should play a preferable role in the prom for the evening. Other great sounds that will compliment the theme of the evening include the Beach Boys, Bob Marley, besides Bobby McFerrin. Of course use your imagination and go with your taste. My personal preference would be a showcase of all things Jimmy Buffett for the evening but that doesn't work for everyone.

Be sure to take measures to insure that everyone makes it home safely if you are serving alcohol and work to make sure that everyone has a fun and memorable evening in Margaritaville. You might want to include contests such as the loudest " Hawaiian shirt " for amassed fun or the most great-hearted flip - flops. Remember the goal is to have fun besides make sure that everyone attending has fun also. If you have the equipment Jimmy Buffet karaoke is a must and video recordings for future black mail and a video of the revelry are also highly recommended. All in all, Margaritaville is a place that plentiful of us dream of going to escape the every date. Wouldn't it be a great theme for a birthday party that makes that day a little more special than the rest for everyone invited and not just the one celebrating?

The next time you are lost for a great theme to add to your birthday party theme inventory, consider the benefit to one and all of adding an evening below the stars and on the sand to your plans. Margaritaville is the perfect latitude for a truly self-assertive celebration no matter how mature the pirate in your being may be. Just remember to put up the saltshaker in sight at all times and the party should go off without a bar.


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