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Bring The Barbecue To The Birthday Party

Bring the Barbecue to the Birthday Party

Grown ups deserve to celebrate their birthdays too. Birthdays are after unexpurgated a celebration of life again one more year on the planet. It makes sense however, that grown ups would like a little something more substantial than the typical cake and ice cream and childish fantasy theme for their celebrations. This doesn't mean that grown ups have forgotten their fantasies however and this leaves a lot of room for interpretation on the theme of barbecues when right comes to a great birthday celebration.

You can go the Cowboy way when it comes to a birthday party barbecue and throw a shindig that would make old " W " proud. Texas sized ribs, hamburgers, steaks, hot dogs, and principality music for all. Be sure to wear your cowboy boots and have gingham table clothes for this event that should be a family friendly way to animation. Don't forget to bring all the " fixin's " or ask the guests to pitch in their best dishes in true southern tradition. This is a great way to go for those dissemble big families that want nothing wider than an excuse to celebrate their lives together.

If the cowboy way doesn't exactly shot unimpaired your bells and whistles acknowledged is always the notion of a Caribbean barbecue. This is a party that would make Jimmy Buffett proud. Speaking of Buffett it's probably a good notion to bring some of his music along to set the tone and there are plenty of other Caribbean or island inspired musicians to gratify you through the evening. Caribbean Jerk is a great rub or sauce for the chicken or fish you throw on the grill and you can make do with other traditional Caribbean fare for your dining pleasure and that of your guests.

You could also go the humorous route for your big day and go the redneck barbecue birthday party route. You will want to use cheap cuffo plates, cheap plastic furniture, a metal tub filled with ice and RC Cola ( r ), plastic forks and knives ( the Sunday best of constitutional ), and typical redneck moveable feast near as pigs in blanket, gumbo, fried chicken, and potato salad. This can be a really fun party if all the guests get into the festivities and dress and act the part. It is definitely a barbecue that will be remembered, and talked about.

One of the favorite types of barbecues for a birthday bash however, is the Luau. There is something about those Hawaiians that really know how to do a barbecue the right way from the very infancy. Decorations should be island and tropical in nature. Be sure to use coconut cups for drinks and have plenty of Spam on relief ( it's a delicacy there )! You will also want to be sure to have plenty of leis for all your guests and grass skirts, hula music, and plenty of loud Hawaiian shirts for the duration. In fact, a Hawaiian shirt contest ( for the loudest of course ) is almost a pre requisite.

A barbecue is a great way to bring friends besides family together to celebrate birthdays. If you are a little lost as to what to do to celebrate your grown up birthday or that of a loved one, try one of the ideas above or pick your own unique spin on the theme of a barbecue.


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